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NetRoots Technologies is the best software solutions provider in the region. Although our team of software developers and designers are specialists in the software development sector, we have been continually making a difference in the international market for more than a decade.

To this Privacy Policy, ‘personal data shall mean any information by which an individual may be personally identified, including name, address, email, phone number, location, or any other relevant information that gets defined as ‘personal data.

This Privacy Policy applies to all guests of the NetRoots Technologies website (“You” or where the context provides “Your”) whose Personal Data is collected or processed by NetRoots Technologies.

This Privacy Policy is intended to give you an opportunity to be informed about how NetRoots Technologies collects, uses and shares Your Personal Data.

Categories of Data Processed

Data You Provide

During Your use of the NetRoots Technologies website, You may provide NetRoots Technologies to process information regarding You and Your practice, including your name, scheduling information, office address, email address, telephone number, credit card information, and fax number or NPI. Our team only uses this information to contact You regarding the provision of NetRoots Technologies Services.

Cookies and Other Similar Technologies

When You visit the website of NetRoots Technologies, we obtain the URL of the website you came from. We also get all the records of your IP address, server, operating system, browser, add-ons, time, device tracking, and mobile holder. In addition, we obtain all data through cookies and other technology-related to recognize your activity on the NetRoots Technologies website. NetRoots Technologies uses this information to identify and improve our policies.




We are constantly overseeing the ways to upgrade our website. For this purpose, it also demands new information and new resources. If we gain data from different sites and change how we use Your Personal Data, NetRoots Technologies has the right to alter the privacy policies accordingly and display them on our website.

Data Sharing

NetRoots Technologies has the right to share the information with the associated research and development centre to stabilize and thoroughly analyze our strategies. NetRoots Technologies enters into comprehensive confidentiality agreements with the Center to ensure that your personal data remains secure. NetRoots Technologies may provide anonymized information about you that does not allow you to identify or contact (‘Aggregate Information’) other mediators. For example, suppose we can inform our mediators about the total users of our websites and the performed activities on them.

We have the right to share your personal data as a sales manager in control. This information can be used at various events when needed in terms of these policies. Additionally, any individual who is somehow part of our business can use this data but always follow the Privacy Policy.

Mandatory Disclosures

NetRoots Technologies has the authority to share your personal data when it is mandatory to disclose the legal policies. If you have good faith in us, then you can investigate it. If any illegal activity gets performed, we can cooperate with public and government authorities. We can also share our contract requirements. In addition, we can enforce our contract requirements. We can protect ourselves against any mediator. We ensure the security of NetRoots Technologies Services or safeguard the rights and safety of NetRoots Technologies, its workforce, and others.

NetRoots Technologies will ensure good faith to notify you about any legal demands if they need to get made. The personal data gets shared when required unless we receive any request from law or court. We can also dispute such demands for our discretion that the recommendations lack authority and don’t promise to challenge every requirement.

Your Privileges

Right to Delete

We can delete Your Personal Data maintained by NetRoots Technologies subjected to any verified request. But we can keep your personal information for a specific period until it is essential to get it according to federal or state laws. After that, it is for the retention requirements and applied laws and regulations.

Right to Approach

You may ask us if you want to access your data. As it gets maintained by NetRoots Technologies, you need a verification request.

Other Privileges        

You may ask us to calculate the various categories of Your Personal Data obtained by NetRoots Technologies. In addition, we can also provide you with the list of mediators to whom we provided your personal data.

Contact Us

If you got any queries or requests related to Your Privileges, please email us at business@localhost or call us at + (353) 1 442 8008


Unless permitted by applicable law, we will not discriminate against You for exercising any of Your rights under this Privacy Policy, such as:

Renounce the products and services. Charge you with different rates for products and services, including discounts, other advantages, and penalties. Provide you with an altered level or quality of products and services. Suggest that you receive any additional rate for products and services or a changed level or grade. However, please note that many features of our website will not function without Your Personal Data.

Sale of Information

NetRoots Technologies does not sell any of Your Personal Data.

Other Important Information


The NetRoots Technologies website is not intended for individuals under 16. Therefore, you approve that you are above 16 for using this website.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

NetRoots Technologies reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time. You acknowledge that your use of the NetRoots Technologies website after posting or sending a notice about our changing to the privacy policies means that your personal data collection, use, and sharing is subject to the updated Privacy Policy.

Contact Information

If you got any queries or complaints regarding this Privacy Policy, You could reach out to our Data Protection Officer at:


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      Copyright by NetRoots Technologies. All rights reserved. Privacy Policy

      Copyright by NetRoots Technologies. All rights reserved.  Privacy Policy