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The customer’s journey starts from the creation of the website. We at NetRoots initiate with our support and maintenance services to entertain our valued customers. Our services are accessible to put your website in the right place. 

These services will enable you to get the most of your business and grow your brand in the right direction. Our support and maintenance services are provided on monthly basis but are fully customizable in accordance to our clients’ requests and requirements. 

Digital Marketing Agency in Pakistan
Digital Marketing Agency in Pakistan

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Website Support

Our website support services will let you save your time and energy. The website support services will include:  

website hosting 

  • Uptime monitoring 
  • SEO maintenance 
  • Security and Website upgrades and updates 

This will make your website secure, optimized and far above its competitors.

Customer Support

At NetRoots we believe that customer support (content creation, optimization and marketing) is vital in the success of a website. We are responsible for the management of the entire process for our valued clients. After the successful creation of the website, the customers may need professional support in regard to graphic designing, user permissions, mobile applications and social media integration, all of which we can readily provide. We at NetRoots take full responsibility to serve our clients to provide the best available solution. 


We at NetRoots understand that no two companies are the same. Every organization in every industry has different requirements and budgets. Our team strives to provide flexible budget options to our clients in order to allow them to meet their goals in the best possible way.  


The scope of the support and maintenance is not quantified, some of the main features are: 

  • Website Monitoring & Management 
  • Daily checks on your website 3-4 
  • Manual visit on the site (monthly). 
  • Manual visit on your website to place a test payment followed by a telephone number every month. 
  • Website monitoring and testing at an advanced level. 
  • Monitoring the updates, security plugins and WordPress. 
  • Repairing and testing the broken lines and images on the website. 
  • Testing the website response on all new browsers including mobile browsers. 
  • Content Creation 
  • New page creation 
  • Content upgrade  
  • Creating new banners and graphics etc. 
  • Supporting website backup and restore.  
  • Statistics for visitors. 
  • Making Google Analytics accounts with basic training.  
  • Interpreting and reviewing Google Analytics reports 

SEO Support

Our ongoing SEO support will enhance your website’s visibility and will consistently bring your company’s website to the top of any search engine.  The SEO support will keep your website fresh and up to date with product details, news, information, forthcoming exhibitions and promotions going on currently to ensure that your content matches that of current user searchesThis will help to increase your customer engagement, reduce your bounce rate, and increase the amount of time that the average user spends on your website. To achieve this, we will: 

  • Provide article and blog content regularly to increase relevancy with current trends 
  • Update keywords regularly 
  • Update backlinks and on-page optimization 


We at NetRoots work strive to frame you in front of the right audience. 

Digital Marketing Agency in Pakistan


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