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Netroots Technologies is a leading provider of CRM and online marketing solutions to businesses across the globe. Our CRM software is designed to help companies succeed by increasing customer acquisition, retention, and advocacy through intelligent marketing automation.

NetRoots CRM allows customers to access their data from any device, anywhere. Customers can easily create and manage contacts, build marketing campaigns, and track the success of their marketing efforts. We have enterprise-level solutions for large corporations and small business owners who want to improve their marketing strategies.

Our Moduless

There are thousands of IT business and consultancy firms worldwide, so what makes us different? Simple: we provide our customers with more value for their time and money than anyone else in the market.


Marketing is a part of our unique CRM system. However, marketers can use them in their daily activities. We designed a system that can help marketers in their daily activities to work efficiently. We’re all about providing our clients with the best, most innovative marketing strategies to help them grow their business, increase sales, and achieve their goals. With our CRM system, you will have access to your leads’ data no matter where they are.  In addition, it will help boost sales and increase profits. However, I will be a massive part of customer retention and loyalty–that’s why it’s essential to get it done in the right way.

Software Development Company in Pakistan
Software Development Company in Pakistan


The CRM system by NetRoots allows companies to provide fast and effective customer service to all their customers. All data is now easily accessible with a few clicks, and companies can respond to any issue in real-time. Companies can also analyze their clients better than ever before, thanks to an integrated search engine in the system. In addition, we offer support to help you get the most out of our software by providing a 24/7 time-zone support service. However, our CRM is a perfect choice for every small, medium, and large-sized organization.

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Our Vision

To bridge the gap between today’s and tomorrow’s
business process

Our Mission

To develop simple, comprehensive digital solutions
that allows our clients to thrive in their core

Why CRM By NetRoots?

CRM By NetRoots is an online customer relationship management software that helps you manage contacts, track sales and leads, generate reports, and more. In addition, it makes it easy to work with your contacts. It provides all the essential features of a CRM while not being too complicated or expensive.

However, it comes with various features, including customer service tracking, lead management, business process management, and marketing support systems. Our CRM provides companies with the tools they need to improve customer relationships with more efficiency, allowing you to deliver better service while simultaneously reducing costs.
Lower, Predictable Operating Costs
We keep our costs low so that you can spend more on growing your business and less on unpredictable outlays.
Fully Customizable Systems and Services
We customize each of our IT solutions and services to meet your organization's precise needs.
Excellent Customer Track Record
We always ensure that every client that we work with sees tremendous improvement in their business processes and profitability through our help.
Global Reach
With offices in every corner of the world, we can reach clients and partners no matter their geographical location.
Proactive Support
We strive to solve our IT solutions and services before they even occur by practicing proactive maintenance.
100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
We ensure that our clients are delighted with our services, so you don't have to worry about results.
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      Copyright by NetRoots Technologies. All rights reserved.  Privacy Policy